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    Not Fake Trailers

    Jurassic Park 5 Not Fake Trailer
  • Tuesday 2:00pm
    Sim City: A Game To Kill For
    Thursday 3:00pm
    How To Spot a Cylon
    Wednesday 12:00pm
    Sad George Lucas Ponders His Life's Regrets
    Tuesday 7:00am
    Check Out The Terminator 5 Not Fake Trailer
    Today 12:00pm
    Jurassic Park 5 Not Fake Trailer

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    Tuesday, December 17th 2013

    UGO is Dead

    UGO's last man standing says goodbye.

    TOTAL TIME: 5:00

    AIRED: 02/21/13@11:30
  • Check out UGO's trailer for Sim City: A Game To Kill For

    TOTAL TIME: 2:52
    AIRED: 02/12/13@14:00

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    Local news entertains for the first time in the history of television.

    TOTAL TIME: 1:42
    AIRED: 02/12/13@14:00

  • Satan, too, works in mysterious ways.

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    TOTAL TIME: 1:30
    AIRED: 02/8/13@14:30

  • They might as well announce the inevitable Star Trek crossover while they're at it.

    TOTAL TIME: 2:12
    AIRED: 02/8/13@13:00

  • Luckily, "Corporate Jerk Marine" is still available.

    TOTAL TIME: 1:57
    AIRED: 02/7/13@15:00

  • Excited to see Terminator 5? Well, here's a trailer to get you more excited!

    TOTAL TIME: 2:07
    AIRED: 02/5/13@7:00

  • That's one cute and cuddly Star-Lord.

    TOTAL TIME: 1:36
    AIRED: 02/6/13@14:00

  • New Star Wars looking to shoot itself in the foot right out of the gate.

    TOTAL TIME: 1:55
    AIRED: 02/5/13@15:00

  • Pretending to be Superman leads to altruism... and many, many wedgies.

    TOTAL TIME: 2:05
    AIRED: 02/5/13@12:00

  • The Transformers series finally has a minor chance of being visually comprehensible.

    TOTAL TIME: 1:58
    AIRED: 02/4/13@16:00

  • Bruce Banner and Tony Stark's bromance is about to take a hit.

    TOTAL TIME: 1:44
    AIRED: 02/4/13@13:30

  • Whatever it is, I hear it's popular and therefore must have a copy.

    TOTAL TIME: 1:29
    AIRED: 02/1/13@15:00

  • The integrity of Fifty Shades of Grey must be maintained.

    TOTAL TIME: 1:39
    AIRED: 02/1/13@13:30

  • Keeping Up with UGO

    " "